486 North Greenwich - Welling

A DAF SB220s with East Lancs bodywork, MD 6. V6 GMT Or Mm 2006, as it is on the bus. On the new route 486, North Greenwich Station - Charlton Station - Charlton - Queen Elisabeth Hospital - Shooter Hill - Welling. The extended M1 dome service with a new number seen here in Belgrove Road, Welling on a bitterly cold bright sunny day. The Dome motif can still be seen on the side of the bus. This the first day of operation, Saturday 24 February 2001. The marks on the picture are due to vandalism to the front window of the bus from which the photograph was taken, a sign of the times?
Photograph. John King.

One of the gas operated buses on route 486, seen here in Shooters Hill Road on Sunday 25 February 2001. The bus is about to turn into Baker Road at the new junction layout. In the background the Water Tower of 'The Brook Hospital' a view of this can be seen from much of the area. The water tower and the gatehouse are all that remain of the hospital. It is now the Brook Village estate. The brook in question is the Kid Brook, which lends its name to much of SE3.
The 486 is run by London Central from New Cross Garage.
Photograph. John King.

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