Special Mencap Service Bexleyheath

RM 613. WLT 613. At Bexleyheath Clock Tower on  Saturday 7 April 2001. A special service was run in aid of the charity Mencap using classic buses. This a routemaster bus on service 96 going to Bluewater.

The 96 never saw service with RMs as it went direct from RT operation to DMS. Below another look at this bus from the rear.
Photographs. John King

Bexleyheath again, RM 613 is going to Bluewater and RT 381 is coming towards the camera.
Below is RT 3871. LLU 670. on service 492. This will terminate at Bexleyheath to return to Bluewater. Another of the special Mencap buses.
Saturday 7 April 2001
Photographs. John King

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