Bus Breakdowns

This East Thames Buses Optare Excel on service 132 has broken down opposite Eltham Church. Service vehicle S356 RDP has come to the rescue. This section of Well Hall Road, from the High Street to the station was first cut in 1905. Previously the way was via Sherard Road. This was the terminus of the LCC Woolwich - Eltham tram route, later numbered 44. It was the route to first try the use of trailer cars, to carry the Woolwich Arsenal workers home.
8 December 2001.
Photograph John King

Stagecoach VN138. R138 EVX. has met with a larger problem than one which can be fixed at the side of the road. Kenfield Motors tow truck M990 DNJ. Is ready to give a tow. Seen in Vanburgh Park on 18 January 2003.
Photograph John King

286 broken down

Things do go wrong from time to time. This Dennis Dart with Plaxton Pointer, Arriva 3267. R267 EKO.body has met grief in Rochester Way, near Well Hall Roundabout. It is a wet day this Tuesday 4 April 2000.
In the background behind the bus is Well Hall cinema, built in the 1930s as an Odeon. It is now a listed building, the most recent occupant was Coronet cinemas. When they moved out the vandals moved in and wrecked the place.
Photograph John King

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