North Greenwich

Central Buses route 422 (North Greenwich - Bexleyheath) on 20 January 2000 at North Greenwich.
On the other side of the fence is a Metrobus on service 161. North Greenwich - Chislehurst.
 Photograph. John King.

The bus station at North Greenwich, adjacent to the Jubilee line underground station. Built to serve The Dome, as it certainly wasn't built to serve the citizens of Greenwich, being about as far away from the populated parts of the borough as you can get out on the Greenwich peninsular. The jubilee line crosses the rver from Canary Wharf, stops at North Greenwich a few yards from the forshore, then quickly re-crosses the river on its way to Stratford. To make up for this many buses have this either as their terminal or pass through. The only way to get to the station is by bus, as motor traffic was still not permitted anywhere near. The roads having manned barriers accross them. (Jan 2001)

East Thames buses Optare Excel (P322 KAR) on service 108 at North Greenwich Station on 20 January 2001.
This is the only one of the routes serving North Greenwich that doesn't terminate here. The 108 serves Stratford to Lewisham via Blackwall Tunnel and North Greenwich. It passes here on journeys in both directions, bus uses a stop a little further on to prevent people getting on the wrong bus.
Photograph. John King.
Bus routes serving the dome are: 

108, Stratford - Lewisham via Blackwall Tunnel
161, North Greenwich Station - Chislehurst
188, North Greenwich Station - Russell Square
422, North Greenwich Station - Bexleyheath
472, North Greenwich Station - Thamesmead
486, North Greenwich to Welling via Charlton and Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

M1  North Greenwich Station - Charlton Station was withdrawn in February 2001.
M2 North Greenwich Station - Greenwich Station, withdrawn on 24 February, to be replaced by new route 486
M1 and M2 were for the duration of the Dome only.

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