Rail Replacement Service

Rail replacement service buses outside Eltham Station during weekend engineering works. Saturday 11 March 2000. The single deck bus on the left of the picture is on a regular service 233. Eltham is a rail and bus station. Both were moved to this location from the other side of Well Hall Road in 1988. There is now a huge hole in the ground where they were, it is a cutting with the A2 (Rochester Way relief road) at the bottom. The A2 passes beneath the present bus station in a tunnel.
Photograph John King.

Rail replacement buses outside Dartford Station on 1 April 2000.
A varied collection a vehicles and colours in this picture. It is busy at Dartford station as this is the terminus of the three local routes into London. The Greenwich line, the Bexleyheath line, and the Sidcup line, previously know as the loop line. Also there are through trains on the North Kent line.
Photograph John King.

See the same place in June 1970.


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