School Services

Stagecoach VN 178. R178 HHK on route 624. Seen in Eltham High Street on Wednesday 17 October 2001. Route 124 used to make school journeys to Crown Wood School in Rifield Road, Eltham. Now the 624 makes the school only journeys. The route is Woolwich (Greens End), Plumstead Common, Edison Road, Welling, Falconwood, Crown Woods School, Eltham, Mottingham, Dunkery Road, Grove Park Station. Two other routes visit Crown Woods the 621 and 660.

Photograph. John King.

East Thames Buses route 661, a Volvo Olympian with East Lancs Pyoneer body Alongside route 132 Optare Excel. Seen at Eltham Station on Wednesday 17 October 2001. The route is Petts Wood Station, Chislehurst, Mottingham, Grove Park Road (Eltham College)

Photograph. John King.

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