The Leyland Titan

A Titan on route 321 in Eltham High Street on a wet day 6 July 2001 The 321 is run by Central buses from New Cross (NX). The most notable thing about the Titan is the offset rear window, which makes it very distinctive. A few of the Titans (T) are still in service on routes along with other buses. Several others are in use as training buses.
Photograph. John King

On London Central driver training duties T956. A956 SYE. can be seen . proceeding down Shrewsbury Lane, Shooters Hill.
13 November 2001.
Photograph. John King.

Another Titan on London Central driver training duties in Shrewsbury Lane, Shooters Hill. This time it is T73. A73 THX. 
4 December 2001.
Photograph. John King.

A Leyland Titan on route 160 at the junction of Southend Lane and Eltham High Street. Seen in the evening of 18 July 2001 The 160 is run by Stagecoach Selkent. from Catford (TL).

The Titan was bought 'off the peg', but because of the disaster with the Fleetlines (DMS) which were unsuitable for London. London Transport were fully involved with its development. It all started in 1973 with the B15, called London's bus of tomorrow.  The first production Titan was delivered to London Transport in 1978. 
Photograph. John King.

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