Well Hall Road, now and then.

V312 on service 122, Plumstead Garage - Crystal Palace. Wednesday 19 April 2000.
Photograph John King.

It looks like a nice spring afternoon as the 122 makes its way to Crystal Palace. This route covers part of the old 72 tram route. The 122 being Woolwich to Bexleyheath only at the time. The 72 tram was first replace by a 186 bus, but when it was withdrawn the 122 was extended to cover. The service is currently operated by Stagecoach Selkent.

On the left below can be seen a picture of the same part of the road taken circa 1912. It also looks like a spring day judging by the trees, (and about the same time of day looking at the angle of the shadows) which look considerably smaller than those in the photograph above. In these days the children would be taking their lives in their hands doing what they are doing in the photo. At the time these trams which were run by the LCC (London County Council) had twin trolley poles, because of objection of the Astronomer Royal. Click the picture to go to the page with a larger photograph, and further information.

The picture below, on the right is on a mid morning in July 1952, The trees have grow since the last picture, and the trams are now run by London Transport with route numbers 44, 46, 72, and only have a few days left. The last of London's trams. Click on the picture to view a larger picture and more information.

In all these pictures can be seen houses of the Progress Estate. Built in 1915 in record time to house workers in the Royal Arsenal during WW1. Built in record time with only four types of home, three houses and one flat. It was built on curving roads, and houses had different outside finishes, it looks as if every house is unique. The estate was sold to the Co-op who named it The Progress Estate. In the picture on the left can be seen the road in 1896, when it was known as The Old Woolwich Road. It got the name Well Hall Road in 1909.

A Volvo with Northern Counties body work on route 161, Chislehurst - North Greenwich Station, on Wednesday 19 April 2000. This service is operated by Metrobus. This bus replaces the 44 tram from Woolwich to Eltham. The 182 originally replaced the 46 tram, but was withdrawn leaving the 161 as the only cover from Woolwich to Eltham.
Photograph John King.

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