21st Century Routemasters

Stagecoach RML 2488. JJD 488D on route 8 at journeys end just about to turn into Fairfield Road for Bow Garage on 31 December 2003.
First concieved in the 1950s and still running on routes in London the routemaster is London's longest lasting bus type. RM1 is fifty in 2004, and many of those running are over 40 years old.
Photograph. John King.

London Central RM 2106. CUV 106C on route 36, seen not long before the Lewisham end of the route was converted to 436 artic buses. This view is of Loampit Vale on 8 January 2003.
Photograph. John King.

RM 324. WLT 324 and behind RM 121. SSL 806 on Soverign route route 13. These are referbished buses, a lot of Routemaster original fittings are gone including quater drop windows,replaced by hopper type.
24 December 2003.
Photograph. John King.

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