Golden Jubilee Buses

Stagecoach TA 140. V140 MEV. On PD (Plumstead) route 53 (Oxford Circus to Plumstead Common). Seen here on Plumstead Common, Warwick Terrace. This is the normal terminus of the 53. Some journeys however go to Plumstead Garage via Griffin Road where this bus has just come from, on the way to Westminster Station.

At the time this photograph was taken was not a good time for route 53, due to a hole appearing in Blackheath Hill, the route was sent on a long detour via Lewisham and Blackheath Village.
18 May 2002.
Photograph John King.

London Central RML 2499. JJD 499D. Seen on route 12 (Dulwich to Notting Hill Gate) in Walworth Road on 11 May 2002. The sponsor for this bus is Surf washing powder.
Photograph John King.

First London, TN963. X963 HLT on route 18 (Sudbury to Euston Station) Seen passing Warren Street Station. Seen on 11 May 2002. The sponsor for this bus is also Surf washing powder.
Photograph John King.

London Central T172. CUL 172V. Seen here on route 63 (King’s Cross Station to Crystal Palace) proceeding along Crystal Palace Parade on the way to Farringdon Street, a short working, on Saturday evening 25 May 2002. 

The Crystal Palace was originally erected in Hyde Park for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was moved here a few years later in a modified form. This gave the area the name it in known by today, until then it was just the top of Sydenham Hill. On a Saturday night a century ago the area was probably teeming with people brought in by buses, trams and two railway stations to visit one of the many attractions at the palace. Crystal Palace burnt to the ground in 1936.
Photograph John King.

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