View from Above

Stagecoach TA335. X335NNO. Seen on route 269, from the BHS store in the Broadway precinct. A nice vantage point overlooking Albion Road and the Townley Road roundabout. The 269 uses this roundabout twice in each direction, both to Bexleyheath and to Bromley.
21 September 2002
Photograph. John King.

London Central DML29. T429AGP Seen on route 469, Abbey Road Belvedere. At this point there are some steps and a footpath leading to Elstree Gardens. The 698 trolleybus on this stretch of road was replaced by the 229 and 132 buses. Now the 132 only goes to Bexleyheath and the 229 which still uses this road only goes as far as Abbey Wood and Thamesmead rather than Woolwich. The 469 goes to Woolwich and Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but via Abbey Estate and some back streets in Plumstead making it a long journey.
19 October 2002
Photograph. John King.

Metrobus 408. T408SMV. On route 161, seen from the first floor of the Halfords shop in Eltham High Street. This is the Eltham Church crossroads, and the church lych gate can be seen in the photograph.
5 October 2002
Photograph. John King.

London Central LDP 86. R486 LGH. On route 321 doing a short working to Eltham High Street. Seen in Eltham High Street from Eltham Churchyard.
7 May 2002
Photograph. John King.

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