Bexleyheath Clock Tower

London Central MD2. V2 GMT. on route 486 alongside the Clock Tower, Bexleyheath Market Place. This bus still wears the Millennium Dome branding from when it was used on routes M1, M2. Route 486 still goes to North Greenwich.

In the background is Bexleyheath's newest development, Broadway Square, which contains several shops, and of course a car park. The complex has been built right over part of Broadway, the old Roman road.
A wet day on Tuesday 11 February 2003.
Photograph. John King.

A view of Market Place, Bexleyheath with a red liveried Bexleybus, class RH bus alongside the clock tower. In the background can be seen the shops which were replaced by the building of Broadway Square as seen in the top photograph. 

The clock tower has seen quite a few changes since being built in 1912 to celebrate the coronation of George the fifth the previous year.
Circa 1990.
Photograph. Richard Haughey. 

T831. a831 SUL. on route 89 in another similar view at Bexleyheath clock tower. It looks very different in 1990 to the view of 2003 in the top photograph. 
Photograph. Richard Haughey. 

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