Heritage Routemasters

RM1933 on Stagecoach route 15 seen in Trafalgar Square on Saturday 19 November 2005. A nice extra touch is the white on black number plates, and chrome headlight surrounds.
Photograph. John King.

RM1735 on First route 9 seen in Aldwych on Saturday 19 November 2005 .Although not quite so well presented as those on route 15 as there was less time to get them ready. The white on black destinations make these buses look good.
Photograph. John King.

RM1913 on route 9, these buses look so well presented in their red with cream band, you can almost overlook the hopper windows. Seen in The Strand on Saturday 19 November 2005.
Photograph. John King.

Take a trip on a London landmark says the advertisement on RM2050. Seen on route 15 looking splendid at Tower Hill on Sunday 4 December 2005.
Photograph. John King.

Late afternoon on a gloomy Saturday 19 November 2005 sees RML2760 working heritage route 15. The RML was used during the first few days of the operation to give time for the finishing touches to be given to the rest of fleet.
Photograph. John King.
Five buses are used on each of the routes to give a 15 minuet service between 9.30am and 6.30pm, seven days a week. 
Heritage route 15, will run: Trafalgar Square Strand Fleet Street Ludgate Hill Cannon Street Tower Hill.
Heritage route 9 will run: Royal Albert Hall Kensington Road Knightsbridge Piccadilly Trafalgar Square Strand Aldwych.

Thefull list of routemasters for the heritage routes are:-

Route 9, First
RM204, RM1218, RM1280, RM1562, RM1627, RM1640, RM1650, RM1735, RM1776, RM1913

Route 15, Stagecoach
RM324, RM652, RM871, RM1933, RM1941, RM1968, RM2050, RM2060, RM2071, RM2089

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