Buses on Tow

Metrobus 406 (T406 SMV) on route 161 in Well Hall Road is having a tow fromOn Time (Kenfield) M990 DNJ, The same truck as the bottom photograph in a new livery.
27 September 2004.
Photograph. John King.

London Central PVL367 (PJ53 SPX) has broken down in a narrow part of Halfway Street, Sidcup. The bus is now ready to be towed by On Time (Kenfield) R2 TOW. The 51 coming towards the camara is PVL16
20 December 2004.
Photograph. John King.

Kenfield Motors tow truck M990 DNJ. Is ready to give a tow to Stagecoach VN138. (R138 EVX). This scene in Vanburgh Park, Blackheath on 18 January 2003.
Photograph John King
Photograph. John King.

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