Route 54

Selkent 17588 seen on the last day of operation of route 54 with Selkent, and Catford Garage. Seen bound for Elmers End Green in Charlton Road, Blackheath.
1 May 2009

A route 54 commemorative run by RT1702, which was a one time TL (Catford) bus. It would have run on the 54 many times in the past. RT1702 started off by being one of the buses which travelled Europe to promote the 1951 Festival of Britain. Seen Here in Charlton Road, Blackheath.
1 May 2009.

The route passed to Metrobus on 2 May 2009, here is one of their buses on the first day. Here we see.Metrobus 490 on the 54 at Monk Street Woolwich just starting a trip to Elmers End.

17687 loaned by Metrobus from Selkent to use until new buses for the route are delivered. Seen here at The Royal Standard, Blackheath on the first evening of Metrobus operation.
2 May 2009.

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