Snow February 2009

Metrobus 942 on route 161 at Eltham Station seen at around 8.30 on Sunday evening. The snow has already been falling for a while. The carriageway is being kept clear by the traffic.
1 February 2009.

Eltham Station bus stop seen at 07.30 on Monday morning. No buses have served the stop, nor will buses serve most stops in London on that day. It was thought to be unsafe to bring the buses out. There was a lot of silly things seen done by other drivers like driving too fast. There were some cars no doubt with lights on, but were covered with a thick layer of snow so could not be seen, their drivers not having the brains to clear it first.
2 February 2009.

Arriva gave a service for the later part of the day on route 286. Here you can see 3991 working the route to Greenwich.
2 February 2009.

Seen a day later, Tuesday on the West side of Shooters Hill, looking over a snowy London is London Central PVL6 on route 486.
3 February 2009

London Central PVL5 is seen near the top on the East (Kent) side of Shooters Hill in what looks like a winter wonderland.
3 February 2009

On Thursday around mid day we see Metrobus 485 at Chislehurst War Memorial. There is still some snow around, but later in the day it started to rain which washed snow away from most places.
5 February 2009.

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