Routemasters in the Rain
Heritage Routemasters on a wet Easter Sunday morning

RM871 on heritage route 15 seen on a wet Easter Sunday morning in the Strand. A few people are to be seen milling around, although being Easter Sunday none of the shops are open.
23 March 2008.
First's SRM3 (650 DYE) on heritage route 9 in Strand, near Charing Cross also Easter Sunday 2008. In London the Easter weekend was cold and wet with flurries of snow. Although Easter was very early this year with Easter day being on 23 March, many February days were bright and sunny with clear blue skys.
Heritage route 15, RM2050 seen just entering Aldwych on a cold wet Easter Sunday. Strand behind the bus looks desolate with a few people, but very little traffic.
23 March 2008.

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