Remembering the 192

RT 1702. KYY 529. on the commemoration run for the ending of crew operation on the 192 on 26 April 2003, twenty five years ago. Also the opening of Lewisham bus station on the same date. Here RT 1702 is just turning from Shooters Hill into Shrewsbury Lane, at 'The Bull' public house. The blind display is 89a, as this was the forerunner of the 192.

RT 1702, a rear offside view. The GB plate can be clearly seen. This was one of the four buses to tour Europe in 1950 to promote the Festival of Britain of 1951. Route 192 is displayed with the destination of Plumstead, Woodlands Estate.

RT 1702, makes its way down Shrewsbury Lane, in the distance can be seen a Dennis Dart, on route 178 which now runs part of the old 192.

The other bus to join in the commemorative run was RM 9. VLT9. It can be seen turning into Shrewsbury Lane from Shooters Hill.

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