971J Tree Punning Equipment
Converted from STL 1470

London Transport Country Buses tree pruning equipment vehicle 971J. CXX 457. This was converted from  front entrance STL 1470 by removing part of the upper deck. These vehicles gave an invaluable service keeping the highways and byways open for double deck buses. Most of these old routes could no longer accommodate double deck buses. Many of them haven't seen a bus of any sort for years.
Seen in Dorking on 31 August 2003.
Photograph. John King.

Seen ready to leave Dorking on the running day of 31 August 2003 is service vehicle 971J. This rear view shows of the fine lines of the lower half of ex STL 1470. STL 1470 was acquired by LT on 31 October 1936, and converted to a service vehicle on 1 March 1953.
Photograph. John King.

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