Electric Street Traction
Bits Still Left

Ferry Lane, near Tottenham Hale station, with trolleybus traction standards still in place. There are three on one side of the road, with one opposite the one nearest. The bus in the picture is East London 17876 on route 230. 31 August 2009.
Photograph. John King.

An inspection cover, probably to give access to the underground electricity supply cables. This one shows it is for CROYDON CORPORATION ELECTRIC TRAMWAYS. It is in the vicinity of West Croydon.
11 August 2009.
Photograph. John King.

The old tram shelter at South End Green, Hampstead has recently been refurbished. A Hampstead resident donated the hut at the turn of the last century. This was to provide shelter to the tram drivers who in those days drove their trams with open fronts in all weathers.
3 June 2006.
Photograph. John King.

This cover is embossed with LONDON COUNTY COUNCIL TRAMWAYS. It also has the makers name Reid Brothers London. This one is at Abbey Wood.
15 August 2009.
Photograph. John King.

Seen in the back streets of Stratford, East London is this London Transport section box of the type used on their trolleybus routes.Although distant from  the actual trolleybus routes this may be on a short cut for the cable to get to Stratford.
22 April 2005.
Photograph. John King.

Another London Transport section box, this one is in the back streets near West Ham Station. Again not on a trolleybus or bus route.
27 March 2010.
Photograph. John King.

Probably one of the best known of all the former tramway relics is the Northern portal of the tram subway under Aldwych and Kingsway. The Southern portal is on the Embankment under Waterloo Bridge. Part of the actual tunnel is now used as the Strand Underpass.
27 September 2003.
Photograph. John King.

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