Electric Street Transport
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This little hut at Abbey Wood was a Tram/Trolleybus shelter. Before 1935 Erith Corporation cars met the LCC ones here. A change was necessary to travel to from Woolwich. When the trolleybus route 698 replaced Erith cars they enabled a through journey.
15 August 2009.
Photograph. John King.

Greenwich Power Station from the North bank of the Thames. It was built between 1903 and 1910 by the London County Council to provide power for the LCC tramways.  After the withdrawal of trams and trolleybuses it helped provided power for London's Underground. It is still in use today but only to back the Underground.

To the left of the picture can be the coaling stage out in the river, which is now disused. The large white windowless building to the right of the main one was the coal bunkers.
15 February 2009.
Photograph. John King.

The same design as the LCC cover this one is embossed with LONDON TRANSPORT. Seen in Plumstead.
22 August 2009.
Photograph. John King.

The  tram shelter and conveniences was erected  for the use of tram crews and passengers.The service came to Eltham on 23 July 1910, and terminated was at the top end of Well Hall Road, outside the church.
19 November 2009.
Photograph. John King. 

Woolwich Tramshed in Woolwich New Road, Woolwich. Despite the name trams were not stabled there. It was a generating sub station of sorts.It is now a theatre, after a battle to save it from demolition.
28 December 2009.
Photograph. John King. 

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