Historic British Buses in Canada
The Coombs Bus Grave. Vancouver Island. British Columbia. Canada

Going from the nearest, that and the sixth are former St. Helens PD2s. The 7th is a former Derby Daimler CVG6. Next to that is a Eastbourne AEC Regent, another is further along. The oldest vehicle there is next, a  former Trent Willowbrook bodied AEC Regent II (ACH xxx). Three former West Yorkshire LD6Bs are near the end of the line, which is completed by former New York 
Atlanteans with (Park Royal?) bodywork based on the Manchurians 

The first RT (LLU 685) is RT 3886, the RTL is 506 (KXW 289) then RT 2021

No 31 looks to be Ex St Helens, also the 6th from left and the Daimler 7th from left looks like Ex Derby, going by the destination layout, The AECs 5th, 8th & 12th look to be sisters. 

The above information is from several contributors, with thanks.

Photograph. Albert Richard Hooper

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