GS Guy Special

GS 13. MXX 313.  Seen on a run during Dorking running day on 1 September 2002. 
The GS class were introduced in 1953 to replace London Transports fleet of Leyland Cub one man buses. They were used on lightly trafficked routes in the Country Area. The 26 seat Guys started to be replaced as early as 1961 as regulation changed to allow for larger capacity one man buses. Most notably the RF class.
Photograph. John King.

GS 62. MXX 362. - GS 1. MXX 301. - & GS 76. MXX 376. Seen in Pipbrook car park, Dorking during running day on 1 September 2002.
The GS was a modified version of the Guy Vixen chassis. Bodywork by Eastern Coach Works, with a bonnet by Briggs Motor bodies of Dagenham. The power from a Perkins oil engine, and transmission by clutch and crash gearbox.
Photograph. John King.

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