The Last RTs

The last Green and Red RTs meet up at Wallington library on the occasion of the Carshalton Running Day on 15 April 2007.

RT604 (HLX 421) has always been a Country area bus going into service in July 1948. Transferred to London Country in 1970 it was one of three RTs to receive the full NCB green livery. RT604 was destined to be the last RT in service in the Country area. Being withdrawn after an engine seizure whilst working route 453 in September 1978.

RT624 (JXC 432) lasted a few months later in the Central area. Being the last RT on route 62 in enter Barking garage on Saturday 7 April 1979, passing into the history books. RT624 also started off as a Country area bus in August 1948. Both buses originally had roof box route number bodies.
Photograph. John King.

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