A 401 at Otford

A running day was held at Sevenoaks on 18 May 2008. Several of the local routes from the 50s and 60s were recreated. This photograph shows a short working RT3148 at Otford pond.
Photograph. John King.

RT3148 again heading back towards Sevenoaks with St Bartholomew's Church Otford  in the background.
In the days when RTs ran the route you could travel all the way from Belvedere to Sevenoaks. To do the journey today would mean going by train with a change at London Bridge.
Photograph. John King.

At the 2010 Sevenoaks Running Day a red Titan was on the 401. T1101 is seen reflected in the village pond  here at Otford Church,
16 May 2010.
Photograph. John King.

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