Preserved AEC Q83. CGJ 188. Seen here at Dorking 1 September 2002. Q83 dates from 1935, and classified as 4Q4, one of a batch converted to Greenline operation and reclassified 1/4Q4/1. It is one of a batch bodied by The Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon Co. Ltd. These sow a distinctive slopping of the roof from front to rear.
Photograph. John King.

AEC Q83. CGJ 188. in Greenline livery as represented by Corgi OOC model. OM41005. This was released in early January 2003. Shown on the model is the side destination board. The fixings for this can still be seen on the bus in the other photographs. This model is shown in pre-war livery, when Greenline coaches had letters instead of numbers. This is route 'L' Uxbridge to Great Bookham via London.
.Photograph. John King.

The Q also came in a double deck version, but they never found favour with London Transport. A revolutionary new design where the engine was removed from the front of the bus to a position on the offside bhind the front wheel. The engine cover can be seen in the photograph above.
Photograph. John King.

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