The First Routemaster now half a century old

The last crew day on route 8 sees RM1. SLT 56 on special duties on the route. Seen here after leaving Bow Garage and traveling along Fairfield Road. (Bow, BW) was the last RM garage in East London.
4 June 2004.
Photograph. John King.

RM 1. SLT 56.London Transport's first Routemaster seen here at Cobam open day 4 April 2004 running route 477 from Wisley airfield to the Museum.
It was first shown to the public at the Commercial Motor Show in September 1954, going into service on route 2 in 1956.
Photograph. John King.

London's Transport Museum's RM 1 picks up another load at a windswept Wisley airfield for Cobham museum. Routemaster 50 celebrations are to be held in Finsbury Park on 24 and 25 July 2004. for  details see the link below.
Photograph. John King.

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