Greenline RMC 1461

RMC 1461 seen descending Ludgate Hill to Ludgate Circus. In the background St Paul's cathedral.  This area has been transformed since the removal of the railway bridge across the road here. The lack of traffic is due to it being a Saturday morning.
Saturday 10 May 2003.
Photograph. John King.

RMC 1461. 461 CLT at Tower Hill on Saturday 10 May 2003. Fully restored by Stagecoach back into the pre 1970 Greenline livery it makes a splendid sight when out on route 15 through the City and West End. Which it does from time to time even though partially retired. There are plans that when the Routemasters go from route 15 sometime in 2003 RMC 1461 will go to Cobham bus museum.
Photograph. John King.

A rear view at Tower Hill. RMC 1461 was introduced in 1962. These Routemaster coaches were used on busy Greenline routes which ran from far outside London across central London to destinations as far out on the other side. 
The eventual downfall of the Greenline network was chronic traffic congestion, mostly in Central London, but also in other towns on the routes. Now there are many weapons against congestion, bus only lanes, red routes, and seen in the signs in this photograph (The red circle with white C) London's newest, the Congestion Charge zone.
Saturday 10 May 2003
Photograph. John King.

RMC 1461 at the Country Bus Running day at East Grinstead on Sunday 27 April 2003. Still showing blinds for route 15 to Upton Park. Alonside is RT 227. HLW 214, a roof box number RT showing blinds for route 410.
Photograph. John King.

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