RT 1700

RT 1700. KYY 527. Running the 409 West Croydon, East Grinstead, Forest Row. This is the Vintage Bus Running Day, seen in London Road, East Grinstead on 27 April 2003. 

The 409 before London Transport days was run by the East Surrey Traction Company. Originally  it was numbered s9. After 1924 when the Bassom system came into force Country area routes south of the Thames had 400 added to them while those to the north 300. The river in the East and Central London kept these firmly apart. However in the west a few routes had an overlap.
Photographs. John King.

A side view this time of RT 1700. Seen in King Street. The static displays for the day can be seen parked up in the background.
Photographs. John King.

A rear view of RT 1700, again in London Road. On this day the 409 was run in two sections over part of the route only, with one journey each only to West Croydon.
Photographs. John King.

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