RT 1702
Tram Replacement Commemoration

Friday 5 July 2002, 50 years on from the when the last London tram ran. The scene is Grove Park Station. Route 54 tram (Grove Park - Victoria) was replaced in January 1952 by bus route 69. In this recreation using RT 1702 a car is towing a model of tram car 1025. This is showing route 40, the last official London tram route to run on 5/6 July 1952.

The modern buses running on route 136 to Peckham are a result of the shortening of route 36 which replaced part of route 69.
Photograph. John King.

Above and below are the commemorative plaques inside RT 1702 for the Festival of Britain tour. Lower saloon is above and the upper one is below.
6 July 2002.
Photographs. John King.

RT 1702. KYY 529, at New Cross Gate showing blinds on the rear for tram route 40, and on the front for replacement bus route 163. This is the 6 July 2002, On the early morning of this day 50 years ago the last official London tram on route 40 ran into New Cross Depot for the last time. 

Such was the confusion on the night that at least one or perhaps two cars were still in service held up by the crowds out on the street after the last official car 1952 ran into New Cross Depot, which was in itself around an hour late. Car 187 was seen entering New Cross just after after just as the crowds watching 1951 were dispersing. Car 187 was  in service on one of the Eltham routes. 

Also car 87 is said to have arrived at Woolwich later still after being held up on an outward bound Eltham route. Of course instead of running into Abbey Wood depot as normal it went unceremoniously straight to Penhall Road from Woolwich, so perhaps this was the last car service.
Photograph. John King.

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