RT 604 London Country

RT 604 on Dorking running day 1 September 2002, picking up at West Croydon bus station, running over the old 414 route. RT 604 is seen in London Country green. Also in the photograph is one of London's newer buses, London General's EVL3 on route 154. Also can be seen Croydon's newest form of transport, Tramlink.
Photograph. John King.

RT 604 at the end of the day drops passengers off back at West Croydon. As fine as she looks wearing the National Bus Company leaf green, it just doesn't look as smart as London Transport's Country area green, which is what it would have worn when new.

RT 604 was one of four RTs which were recertified in the spring of 1977 to cover vechile shortages. Three of which including RT 604 were repainted into NBC leaf green. Only RT 604 lasted in public service for more than a year. RT 604 was the last such vehicle to work for London Country, which was  until September 1978 when it was withdrawn due to engine failure. It was sold into preservation a few months later.
Photograph. John King.

RT604 seen again at West Croydon, this time on 29 August 2004, the weather is typical bank holiday type ready for the next day. RT604 ran the 470 route from Dorking to West Croydon.
Photograph. John King.

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