War Time Buses
STL 2377 & RT 113

The fronts of RT 113. FXT 288. and STL 2377. EGO 426. Seen here at the Country Bus Rally at Dorking, 1 September 2002.

The STLs were built between 1932 and 1946. The number built was 2,679. They were first introduced by Thomas Tilling and the LGOC. STL 2377 was taken into stock by London Transport on 3 November 1937, and withdrawn on 6 April 1954. The bus is now part of the collection of the London Bus Preservation Trust, at Cobham.
Photograph. John King.

Rear view of STL 2377 and RT 113. The distinctive rear roof box number blind can be clearly seen. This was only used on what are often called the pre-war RTs, classified 2RT2. With the exception of the prototype RT1, these buses were built during the early months of the war. RT 113 was taken into stock by London Transport on 7 March 1940. In these photographs the (blackout) white tipped front mudguards and white spot at the back can be seen.
This bus was purchased by the 2RT2 Preservation Group from London Transport in March 1963.
1 September 2002.
Photograph. John King.

Guy utillity bus G351 in Cobham musuem on 3 April 2005. This is the day the newly restored bus was unvielled to the public. G351 was built to wartime utillity standard in 1945. It worked at Upton Park garage on routes 86A, 101 and 175. it was be withdrawn by LT in 1952.
Photograph. John King.

A reqr view of G351 leaving Cobham on the road run to Wisley airfield on 3 April 2005.
Photograph. John King.

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