X80 Ensign Running Day

TD895 can be seen aproaching Greenhithe Station on route X80. This would cross the bridge seen in the background at Dartford Crossing on the way to Gravesend  from Grays.
13 December 2008.

TD895 can be seen on the X80 in the gathering gloom at Bluewater bus station. This had been on loan to London Trasport in 1949 to 1950 it was then returned to the rightfull owneres Hants and Dorset.
2 December 2006.

RT3232 in Ensignbus colours at The Hill, Northfleet, near Northfleet Church, running out to Gravesend.
1 December 2007.

Pulling into Bluewater bus station with a decided lean is RLH61 part way on a journey to Gravesend Clock Tower.
2 December 2006.

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