X80 Ensign Running Day

Ex Lancaster 204 running the X80 is seen passing Gravesend railway station on a mild sunny day.
1 December 2007.

A year later at Gravesend railway station and the weather is certainly very different as RT624 runs past on route X80.
13 December 2008.

Both RT1431 and RML2760 enter Bluewater bus station on route X80. One is bound for Grays, while the other is running to Gravesend.
2 December 2007.

The scene is London Road, Northfleet as RT1499 runs the X80 to Grays via Dartford crossing. RT1499 is one of only two Cravens bodied RTs in existance. The other one is RT1431 seen in the photograph above.
1 December 2007.

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