X80/X55 Ensign Running Day

A very wet and windy day sees RCL2260 on the X80 splashing along Overcliffe, Gravesend. The doors and heaters on this bus proved invalauble on a day like this.
13 December 2008.

This year Ensign also provided a route X55 from Lakeside to Upminster. BCJ710B was one of the vehicles used and can be seen here at Lakeside.
13 December 2008.

RCL2220 runs on the X80 into Bluewater shopping centre. Soon after this the Bluewater management clamped down on photograpy in the shopping centre and park., on advice from the Kent Police.
2 December 2006.

This time RMC1462 can be seen at  Lakeside on the X80. The management at Lakeside seem a lot more relaxed about photography. Even the police stationed in in a building in the bus station seem friendly to those taking photographs.
13 December 2008.

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