The Ferry Approach

Ferry Approach Woolwich, circa 1922. The original boats were side loaded. Vehicles went down the larger ramps and passengers went on the ramps alongside. The other ends of the ramps were fitted to pontoons which rode up and down with the tides.

When the new diesel boats came they were end loading, but until the new approaches were built, were side loaded, using these pontoons 

The new Northern Approach to the Woolwich Ferry,  seen here in April 1970. The nearest of the two chimneys seen in the distance on the southern shore has since been demolished. A couple of rows of what would now be termed 'Classic' cars wait to board.
Photograph. John King.

The Southern terminal of the Woowich Ferry showing the queue for the boats.
In the background alongside the river the housing estate built on the old Woolwich Dockyard,
and on the hill St Mary's Church

The new landing were built in the mid 60,s.  The stages are fixed piers supported on piles, and are linked to the ferries by hinged loading ramps. These are opperated by hoist toweres, the huge concrete structures above them. 

When boarding the ferries it may be a steep ride up or down to the boats, due to the fluctuations in the tide. This can be as much as 9m at high and low spring tides, but is more usual to be around 6m. 

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