Bexleyheath Clock Tower

London Centraal MD12. V12 GMT. on route 486 at Bexleyheath Clock Tower on 11 February 2003.  London Central  run the 486 rom the nearby Bexleyheath Garage, which was built as a trolleybus depot in the 1930s. .

The Clock Tower was opened in 1912 to commemorate the Coronation of King George V the previous year.. Previously the Pincott Memorial stood here, (it has been relocated furthe down the Broadway). There are alcoves for four busts on the tower, but only two are used. One of which is of King George V, the other is William Morris, the designer and writer who lived in The Red House, at the local hamlet of Upton, between 1860 - 1865. Now Upton Road at the far end of the Broadway. People used to meet at his house after travelling down from London. In those days it was usually a walk over fields from the nearest railway station at Abbey Wood.

Click here for a view in 1968. & a previous incarnation of route 486 nearby.

Photograph. John King.

Stagecoach TA142. V142 MEV on route 96 picks up passengers bound towards Woolwich at the stop alongside the clock tower. The 96 was one of Bbexleyheath's trolleybus replacement route, converted from the 696. It is now run from the Stagecoach Plumstead garage. This view dates from 12 October 2002.
Photograph. John King.

Another trolleybus convesion was the 698 to part of the 229 bus.route which ran from Orpington Station to Bexleyheath and the on to Woolwich. The 229 now only runs Sidcup to Thamesmead. This picture is of PVL30 on route 229 seen on 11 February 2003. 
Photograph. John King.

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