Bexleyheath Transport History

London Country buses at Bexleyheath
London Transport Country Buses in their green livery. This picture is of three buses at Bexleyheath, near the clock tower, in Chapel Road. The buses are on services 486, 401, and 401a. seen in February 1969. 
RF 655. NLE 665 on service 486. Belvedere, Eardly Arms - Dartford via Bexleyheath and Crayford. 
RT 1052. JXN 80. Service 401. Lower Belvedere - Sevenoaks. 
RT 1021. JXN 49. (in greenline livery) Service 401a. Lower Belvedere - Joydens Wood Estate. 
Photograph. John King.
The three pictures here show an area which has greatly changed. The clock tower area has been paved and new roads have been laid out to take traffic away from The Broadway. The end few houses and Chapel of Chapel Road in the top picture, and Woolwich Road the side road in the second, have disapeared. Much of the area has been demolished and replaced with a new shopping mall, leisure facilities, and Civic buildings. During the redevelopment several World War II bombs were uncovered, In the latest stage of redevelopment, to the East of the clock tower, (the buildings which can be seen behind the Clock Tower) businesses were closed and residents in the area were evacuated for two days when another WWII bomb was discovered on the 18 April 2000. Broadway Square the newest development was built right over the road in the distawnce of this photograph.

126 Bexleyheath clock tower

A new MB on service 126 at Bexleyheath Clock Tower. 
Sunday 27 October 1968. 
MB316 VLW 316G Service 126 Beckenham Junction - Eltham (Well Hall) Bexleyheath on Sundays. 
Photograph. John King.

Greenline coach Bexleyheath Broadway

An RF Greenline coach in Bexleyheath Broadway.RF 157 MLL 544 Service 702. Victoria - Gravesend. The 702 ceased operation on 6 July 1973
September 1968 
Photograph John King

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