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Step back in time, to when central buses were red , and Country area buses were green, all buses had conductors.
See roads and buildings along the routes that have disappeared into the mists of time, along with the vehicles that travelled them. Some pages are listed by location, some by vehicle types. Also look at pictures of trams, trolleybuses and the tickets of the past.

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After seeing the tram re-introduced to the streets of London at Croydon. There now exists a possibility that the Trolleybus could also be re-introduced soon into East and SE London.
The Trolleybus Campaign

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Locations in SE London, NW Kent & Others
-Abbey Wood- -Abbey Wood page two-
-Abbey Wood page three- Abbey Wood page four
-Abbey Wood Harrow Manorway- Abbey Wood Garage page one
Abbey Wood Garage page two Abbey Wood Garage after dark
Abbey Wood Garage inside Abbey Wood Garage forecourt
-Belvedere- -Belvedere page two-
-Belvedere page three- -Belvedere page four-
-Bexley-New -Bexleyheath-
 -More Bexleyheath- -Bexleyheath Garage-
-Bexleyheath Market Place- -Blackheath-
-Blackheath, Sun in the Sands- -Camberwell-
-Cheshunt- -Charlton-
-Charlton, Victoria Way- -Chislehurst-
-Chislehurst page two- -Cheam-
-Clapham & Clapham Junction- -Croydon-
-Croydon Swan & Sugar Loaf- -Crystal Palace Parade-
-Dalston- -Dartford-
-Dartford page two- -Dartford Council Tramway-
-Eltham- -Erith-
-Erith page two- -Greenwich-
-Greenwich page two- -Greenwich Traffic-
-Grovebury Road Abbey Estate- -Hackney-
  -Lewisham- -Lower Sydenham Station-
-Mottingham- -McLeod Road-Updated
-Old Kent Road- -Peckham Rye-
-Plumstead- -Plumstead page two-
-Plumstead Bridge- -Plumstead Road Widening-
-Plumstead Common- -Plumstead Common page two-
-Plumstead Corner- -Plumstead High Street-
-Poplar- -Rochester Way, Eltham-
-Sandy Hill Road, Plumstead- -Sidcup Garage-
-Stratford- -Stratford page two-
-Stratford page three- -Tottenham Court Road-
-Victoria Station- -Woolwich page one-
-Woolwich page two- -Woolwich page three-
-Woolwich Hare Street- -Woolwich High Street-Updated
-Woolwich Ferry- -Woolwich Market-
-Woolwich in the Rain- -Woolwich New Road-
-Woolwich 1986- -Woolwich Road, Belvedere-
-Green Woolwich- -North Woolwich-
-Central London- -Central London page two-
-Central London page three-

Thanks to Steve Thoroughgood for permission to reproduce some of his photographs.

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List of local history and transport books covering the geographic area of this site.

Vehicle types, Routes, etc.
AFC Buses
Automatic Fare Collection
B15 Service 24 Euston
Experimental bus at Euston Road
All Over Advertisement RM
All over advertisement routemaster in Trafalgar Square
Biggin Hill Air Show
A line up on Route 410 special service buses 1964.
Bexley Council Tramways
Car 11 on track repairs, but where?
BOAC/BEA Airport Buses
BOAC Atlanteen and BEA Routemasters with trailers
Bus and Tram Depots Updated
AW, AM, Erith and Penhall Road, Charlton
Bus Garages
BX, PD, SP and TB.
Croydon Horse Tram
Croydon Corporation Tramways
Croydon Routes
Trams & trolleybus routes which passed through Croydon
Croydon Routes
Bus routes which passed through Croydon
Decimalization Training Bus
RT 3878 in use as decimalization staff training bus
Seen on NX forecourt when new
DMS Daimler Fleetline
Routes 99, 122a and 272. Plumstead High Street
East Surrey Traction Company
One of the forunners of LT County Buses  seen in the 1920s
Buses in floods at Abbey Wood and Belvedere
FRM 1 Service 76 Waterloo
Experimental rear engine routemaster at Waterloo
.General Route 40
Seen as Q17 from Camberwell Garage
Greenline RCL
Coaches at Aldgate and New Cross
GS Guy Single Decker
GS 10 in AW,  GS 59 Oxted, GS21 & 56 DG
Illuminated Advertisement RM
While on railway emergency service at Waterloo
Kingsway Subway
The Kingsway tram subway, the link from North to South
Maidstone & District
Fleetline on Private Hire at Erith
 MB 151
Newly delivered to Catford Garage, and awaiting blinds
 MB Family of buses
MBA Red Arrow, MBS on P1 and MB 99 and 108
MB Routes 99 & 122a
The two MB routes from AM (Plumstead Garage)
.MD (Metropolitan)
Route 53 Beresford Square Woolwich, 122a Bedonwell Road
Metropolitan (MD)
Routes 53 and 122 Woolwich
Metro Scania Service 99
Experimental bus route 99, Woolwich and Belvedere
Metro Scania Demonstrator
in AW garage awaiting service on 99 from AM
MS2 (Metro Scania)
production type Metro Scania at Oakhampton Crescent
Night Buses
N82 nightbus on Woolwich Common
Off Route
Buses running on one route and displaying another
On the Decks
See inside trams RTs and MB/MBS
Paying in the Takings
AW in the 1970s
 Peckham Local Routes
P1 at Canal Bridge, Old Kent Road & P3 at Peckham Rye
Platform Views
Plumsted, Greenwich & Bricklayers Arms
Radio Control Car
Ford Anglia control car at Abbey Wood Garage
Railway Emergency Service
Seen in Dartford June 1970
Railway ReplacementNew
at St John's in 1970
Ready For the Rush
Drivers and Conductors at the ready
Red and Green Routemasters
Red routemaster bus and Greenline RCL routemaster coachs
 RF Buses
Seen in Red & Green
RLH Buses
Seen at Clapton & Oxted
RLH Stratford
Lowbridge buses in Stratford Broadway
RM 180
RM 180 on Route 180 at Abbey Wood
RM 738
RM 738 experimental, while at AW on routes 177/180
Roof Advertisement Routemaster
171a in Abbey Wood garage with roof add
Roofless RT
Seen in Catford Garage after hitting low bridge
Route 51
Last day of LRT & First day of LCBS operation.
Routes 99 & 163 RTs
Last day of 163 & Last RTs on 99
 Route 177 RM's
RM's Abbey Wood, Greenwich and Elephant & Castle
Route 177 RT's
RTs Embankment, Abbey Wood and Elephant
 Routes Numbered 178
Routes to West Norwood - Hacney Wick - Kidbrooke Station
Route 178 RLH
Seen in Stratford Broadway
Route 180 RT and RM
Charlton, Catford and Lower Sydenham
 Route 180a
Last day of operation. Seen in Beresford Street
Route 185 RTs
Seen in Greenwich and Lewisham
Route 229 RTs
at Abbey Wood, Erith, Barnehurst, and Belvedere
RT 1702 Festival of Britain Bus
The last of the Festival buses seen in Bexleyheath
RT 2776
The USA tour bus on route 86 Stratford
RT2912 on route 171aNew
Seen at Abbey Wood
Seen on route 177
RT 3911
Newly repainted on route 192 Plumstead Common
RT Family
RT, RTL, and RTW in AW
LTs Last RTL
RTL Leyland Titan
Route 10 Stratford, 35 Clapham & Green trainer
Single Deck Buses GS, MB, RF, SMS
227 Crystal Palace, 160 Welling  LDO 99 & 122a MB. GS staff
 Silver Routemasters
SRMs for the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 1977
SM AEC Swift
SM5 & SM7 at Welling in 1970
Thomas Tilling Horse Bus
The last run of the old Blackheath bus
Thomas Tilling Motor Bus
Tilling Stevens petrol electric bus on service 75 at Croydon
Motor Char-à-banc in Cordite Street,Plumstead
Traffic Hold Up.
What happens when a crane falls in the road
Tramway Conduit Changeover
Change from  overhead to conduit at Woolwich and Lee Green
Trams in Eltham
Eltham Church, Eltham Green and Westhorne Avenue
Tram Shelter Beresford Square
26 years after the last tram passed the shelter still stands
Tram Track Uncovered
Tram tracks  in Beresford Square uncoverd during the 1980s
Tram Track
A piece of track from Erith UDC tramway
Trams and Trolleybuses
In Plumstead Road, Woolwich. 698-36-38
Trams on BridgesNew
Southwark and Westminster on the penultimate day
Trolleybuses for Trams
Trolleybuses and trams in one depot, possibly Hendon
Colour pictures in the cetral area
On route 630
Under the Bonnet
See under the bonnet and underside of  RT, RTL and RM
Victoria Coach Station
is backdrop to Standerwick VFR 375
 VWD 451H
The Metro Scania Demonstrator in  Abbey Wood Garage
Well Hall Canteen
Take a look inside  an LT canteen
Woolwich Transport Museum
The short lived bus museum in Woolwich
XA Leyland Atlantean
Route 76, Victoria and Waterloo
XF Daimler Fleetline
In green country livery on route 67 from SF
XMS Red Arrow
Service 500 Victoria Station
XF and XA Buses
On trial on Central and Country routes


Trolleybus pictures on 696 and 698 routes. Woolwich, Bexleyheath, and Dartford
Courtesy of David Bradley Online
Allan Bedford's Picture Albumupdated
 Buses in Bexley and Dartford in the 1970's
Woolwich buses, trams and trolleybuses, a brief history
London's Last Tram Week
Trolleybuses, the South London Proposals
Transport Tickets & Farechartsupdated
Bus, Trolleybus, Tram & Tube Tickets

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South East London's Railways & River Transport
The Greenwich Line.
London's first railway London Bridge to Greenwich 1836
Abbey Wood Station
Seen in 1970
The Double Decker Train
An experimental train used on the London - Dartford lines.
Woolwich Free Ferry
The Free Ferry at Woolwich, from paddle steamer  to diesel
The Bexleyheath Railway
The last of the three local railways to be built.
 The Princess Alice Disaster
One of the greatest Thames tragedies of all time

Provincial Transport

Reading Transport 1968
Reading Corporation Trolleybus 176 Reading Trolleybuses 180 & 182
Reading Corporation Buses Thames Valley Buses


Glasgow & Highland Transport 1970
Glasgow Transport
Various routes and bus types in a Glasgow street
Glasgow Transport 
Page two of Glasgow transport
Glasgow Tram 812
Seen in the National Tramway Museum in 1969
Fort William
On the banks of Loch Linnhe
Coach tour in the Highlands


National Bus Company
Eastern National
Route 2 in Dartford. August 1967
Western National
St Ives and Mousehole Cornwall. 1974. 1975
Southern Vectis
Shanklin, Isle of Wight 1974. 1976
Eastern Counties
Kings Lynn, Norfolk 1974
North DevonNew
Seen in Westward Ho!


Trams and Routemaster
Seen in 1991

Brighton, Hove & District
Preserved AEC Regent FUF 63
Seen in London in 1968.

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