Tram Shelter Beresford Square

The tram shelter in Beresford Square, Woolwich seen on 3 September 1978. The last trams to wait here on routes 44, 46 and 72 was over 26 years before on 5 july 1952. They were some on London's last tram routes. The other three passed along the road where the car now is. They were 36, 38 and 40.

This remnant of London Tramways disappeared in the 1980s when Beresford square was re-laid, and the main road was realigned on the other side of the gates to the Royal Arsenal. Other tramway remenats remained in the square. Most of the track was just covered with tarmac, as can be seen by the strip in the cobbles in this picture. The curve from Eltham to Greenwich was still in full view up until the 1980s. See Here Some of the covered tracks were removed in the 1980s also. See Here

Photograph. John King.

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