Woolwich Transport History

51 RT type bus Beresford Square
This photo was taken on a Sunday afternoon, March 1971, in Beresford Square Woolwich. This whole area has changed since due to the rebuilding of the A206 which is a dual carriageway which passes on the other side of the gates. The square has also changed as it has been repaved covering the tramlines which were still to be seen at the time of this photograph. This track was laid in August 1944 to enable cars on workman specials to go direct from Eltham to Greenwich without having to reverse. This track was well used on the night of 5/6 July 1952. This enabled the trams on the Eltham routes to go direct to the scrapyard at Penhall Road, Charlton instead of the usual depot run in the other direction.

London Transport service 51. Woolwich - Farnborough
RT 1957. LUC 46.
Photograph John King.

75 RT type bus, Beresford Square, Woolwich.

This is the same place as the above photo, but from a different angle. The public convenience and tram shelter has now been demolished, the chimneys behind the number 75 bus belong to the Woolwich power station which have also been demolished.

The RT type bus on route 75.  Woolwich - Croydon.
Photograph John. King

The same place again on the same day. The 177 bus RT4362. NLP 527. is bound for Abbey Wood, following a Ford Anglia. The tram shelter for routes 44, 46, and 72 canbe seen in the picture along with the gates to the Royal Arsenal.
Photograph John King.

72 tram Academy road Woolwich

Academy Road, Woolwich Common, near the junction with Shooters Hill Road. Tram car 1936 on service 72. Woolwich - New Cross - Victoria Embankment. 
Circa 1952. 

Photograph W. D. Chalklin

Tram 44 Woolwich Common

Tram on service 44 Woolwich - Middle Park Avenue, Eltham seen in almost the same place. The road is hardly changed in all this time, just more traffic queuing at the lights.
July 1952. 
Photograph W. D. Chalklin

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