North Woolwich

A busy day with buses at North Woolwich in April 1970. Routemasters can be seen on services 40a, 58, 69, and 101. The 58 and 69 were ex trolleybus routes, 685, 569, and 669.

The lane alongside the road is for traffic waiting to boad the Woolwich Free Ferry. Quite a few things have changed from the picture below taken around ten years earlier. A tower block has sprung up in the background. The cobbles have been covered with tarmac, and the trolleybus traction standards have gone. Wait though is that still one standing by the foot tunnel entrance with the sign post in front. (see below)

Route 40a Herne Hill - London Bridge - Poplar. (North Woolwich rush hours)
Route 58 Walhamstow - Canning Town.  (North Woolwich rush hours)
Route 69 Chingford Mount - North Woolwich.
Route 101 North Woolwich - Wanstead.

Photograph. John King

A lone 669 waits at the North Woolwich terminus next to the foot tunnel. This was served by routes 569, 669, and 685. Also bus route 101. It looks quite, but it is probably a Sunday.

Route 569 North Woolwich - Aldgate.
Route 669 North Woowich - Stratford Broadway
Route 685 Walthamstow - Canning Town. (North Woolwich rush hours)

Photograph. David Bradley. (

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