Croydon Transport History

Croydon Corporation Tramways, tram No 23 in North End Croydon, on its way to Purley. circa 1903.

Branching off to the right of the picture can be seen the branch along George Street to Addiscombe. The service on this line was withdrawn on 28 March 1927.

See tramlink trams at this junction. October 2000

Croydon Corporation Tramways No 6 in George Street on the Addiscombe branch line. This is just before East Croydon Station. Just the first building on the left with the bay windows remain today all else has been demolished. After a gap of over 70 years trams now once again run down this street to Addiscombe.

This service was discontinued in 1927, Tramlink reintroduced the Addiscombe service in 1999. 

Croydon Corporation Tramways car No 38 on its way to Purley in High Street Croydon. Seen near to the junction with George Street and Crown Hill. 

In the background is the Whitgift Hospital, founded 1596.

See Croydon horse tram, London Road

With thanks for photographs to Carlton Blaxill

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