RM in all over advertisement

A Routemaster in strange colours.

RM 1676. 1676 DYE. service 159 West Hampstead - Thornton Heath.
September 1975
Photograph. John King
This  picture is in Trafalgar Square. The bus has an all over advertisement for 'English Apples and Pears'. There were quite a few buses in the central area which had this type of advertisement for various products.
A few are listed below:
MBA 606 Chappell's Music Stores September 1972
RM 909  Barker & Dobson June 1973
RM 952 Dinkey/Meccano August 1973
RM 995 Bank of Cyprus January 1974
RM 1015 Wines of Austrailia October 1973
RM 1196 Myson's December 1973
RM 1285 Peter Dominic Wines October 1973
RM 762 Esso Blue  1973
RM 1359 Boulogne Chamber of Commerce April 1974
RML 2280 Myson's November 1973
RML 2560 Ladbrook's October 1973
RML 2302 Evening News 1973

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