Single Deck Buses

RF 344. MLL 981 On service 227 Crystal Palace - Chislehurst. seen here at Crystal Palace. 
May 1968 
AEC Regal Mark IV 
Engine: 9.6 litre rated at 115 bhp. 1,800 rpm mounted horizontally beneath the floor. 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel and pre-selective gearbox. 
Body: Metropolitan-Cammell-Weymann 30ft X 7ft6in 
Introduced: 1951. 
RF 344. date into stock 3.11.52 
Photograph John King

GS 50. MXX 350, Used as a staff bus in Abbey Wood Garage (AW). August 1967.. 
Guy Single Decker. 
Chassis: Guy Vixen.
Engine: Perking P6 indirect injection rated at 65bhp at 1,800rpm 
Transmission: Normal clutch and crash gearbox. 
Body: Eastern Coach Works 26 seats. 
GS 50 went into stock on 9.12.53 
 Photograph John King

There is a story that whilst at AW this bus was painted red during the summer of 1967, then back to green before being sold a couple of months later. Does anyone know anyting of this?  Did you see it, or even paint it? email if you have any info.

SM 7. AML 7H. On Service 160 Catford - Welling. Seen here at Welling Corner, 
April 1970. 
SM AEC Swift 
Engine: 8.2 litre rated at 132 bhp. at 2,200 rpm. 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel; fully automatic air operated direct-operating epicylic  gearbox 
Body: 33ft 5in X 8ft 2.5in 
Photograph John King

MB. Last day of operation on services 99 and 122a. 
Woolwich - Erith. 99 via Upper Belvedere. 122a via Oakhampton Crescent 
The next day they will be converted to DMS. 
Seen here in Woolwich Market Saturday 9 November 1974 
MB 623. WMT 623H (122a) 
MB. AEC Merlin 
Engine: 11.3 litre rated at 165bhp at 1,800rpm 
Transmission: Fluid flywheel, fully automatic epicyclic gearbox 
Body: 36ft X 8ft 2.5in 
Photograph John King

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