Timpson's Motor Cha-à-banc

The original business of Mr Alexander Timpson was that of coal merchant. On the wall behind the Cha-à-banc can be seen the prices for coal. The vehicle can be seen outside the side entrance to the premises at 22 Woodhurst Road, Plumstead.

The side road, Cordite Street is now Myrtledene Road. A turning off Basildon Road. Messes Timpson and Son also had premises at Station Terrace, High Street, Plumstead. 

This view in 1912 shows what was probably their first motor vehicle a solid tyred 'Clayton'. which had to be driven within the speed limit of the time of 12 mph. Whilst out on a trial run with staff members they were stopped by the police for speeding and had a 30 shilling fine to pay.

In those far off days a trip to the sea side was a long journey along winding country roads, not helped by the frequents stops at the hostelry on the way. Of course when you arrived at the destination however it was right on the sea front not some way off in the nearest coach park.


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