Plumstead Transport History

Plumstead Bridge, Plumstead with 99 bus. A sight almost unrecognizable today. Another bridge crosses next to this one wich is now one way only. Plumstead goods depot has disappeared into the mists of the past along with British Railways.
London Transport MB 1663. AML 663H on service 99. (Woolwich - Erith via Bostal Hill).
circa 1972.
Photograph John. King.

RT 180 Plumstead High Street

A 180 in Plumstead High Street, near St Nicholas Church. December 1975, Service 180 Abbey Wood via Abbey Estate - Lower Sydenham Station. 
RT 196 - HLW 183
Photograph John. King.

DMS 96 Plumstead High Street

A 96 in Plumstead High Street at the junction with Banockburn Road. Seen here on 30 April 1977. The 96 was one of the first double deck one-man-buses in the area. (99 - 122a were first, omo but single deck MBs)
Service 96 Woolwich - Dartford. DMS 2381

Photograph John. King.

RT2004. LUC 292.On service 177 running short at Plumstead Station. It can be seen here parked in Walmer Terrace outside the station entrance in July 1970
Photograph John. King.

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