Lewisham Transport History

This view of Lewisham High Street, outside Lewisham Hospital dates from April 1968. RT 189, HLW 176 is on route 47 to Farnborough. Not very much has changed over the years, the RT has gone of course, and the 47 now only runs as far as Catford Garage. Bus lanes now run along the road.
Photograph. John King.

Lewisham High Street at Ladywell Road. Tram 155 on service 50 on its way to Blackwall Tunnel. The bus is a 'B' type on service 36. a van and several bicycles complete the road traffic in this view.

Ex East Ham car No 85 on service 46. Woolwich (Beresford Square) - City (Southwark) via Eltham, Lee, Lewisham and New Cross. Seen at Lewisham Clock Tower, about to turn into Lee High Road on its way to Woolwich. The Policeman seems to be directing the very light traffic. July 1952.

RM 1427 (427 CLT) on route 36B seen passing the Green Shield Stamp shop in Lewisham in June 1970. The 36B was a renumbering of the tram replacement route 69. Route 69 then moved over the Thames to replace trolleybus route 669. Route 36 lost their routemasters on 28 January 2005.
Photograph. John King.

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