Floods in Abbey Wood and Belvedere

A heavy storm in September 1968 cased widespread flooding in the lower areas of Abbey Wood and Belvedere. There was an extra high tide in the Thames so water came back up from the sewers to flood the streets. This RT 180 is about to enter the water to cross the railway line on its journey around the Abbey Estate and on to Lower Sydenham. 
Saturday 14 September 1968
Photograph. John King

The 180 its on its way through the flood water towards the level crossing. The Abbey Arms is on the left. 

There are two pubs at Abbey Wood. The Harrow Inn seen in the top picture on the left, this had a Kent address and the Abbey Arms in this picture which had a London SE2 address.

Photograph. John King

It was the same story at Lower Belvedere. a green country area bus on route 401,486 or 491 waits in Picardy Street standing in around a foot of water.

Photograph. John King

Floods hit this area in 1953 of a more serious nature. Boats were used as transport. The trolleybus in the picture has either been driven through the water as it passed Belvedere Station, which is level with the fields, or was terminated here to return to Bexleyheath. Bexleyheath Depot had several trolleybuses out of order due to being driven through flood water.

The trolleybus is on route 698. Under several feet of water behind is Erith and Belvedere football ground. Now occupied by B&Q Belvedere.

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