Reading Transport History
Trolleybuses 180, 182, & 184

Reading Corporation Transport Trolleybus. 182. VRD 182. Service 17 
Seen here in Broad Street in August 1968.It is about to head east to Wokingham Road. 
182 is a Sunbeam F4A with Burlingham H38/30F bodywork. 
It entered service on the 18 June 1961 and became the last public service 
trolleybus to operate in Reading on 3 November 1968 when the system closed. 
Photo John King

An opperational one third scale model of this bus 
(Reading's last Trolleybus) was made. 
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Reading Corporation trolleybus 184 is also seen in Broad Street, Reading. August 1968.
Photograph. John King.

Reading Corporation Transport Trolleybus .180. ERD 151. 
It is a Sunbeam S7 with Park Royal H38/30RD bodywork. 180 entered service on the 1 December 1950 

The photo was taken on the 31 December 1967 and was on hire to the NTA (National Trolleybus Association for a tour of the system. Later that day they used B.U.T. trolleybus 150 for the last ever journey to Northumberland Avenue and Stations by trolleybus. 180 was withdrawn from service some two weeks later after a rear spring broke. It was a shame as it was one of the best kept vehicles in the fleet. 

. The picture is taken as it enters Cemetery Junction from London Road (A4) and approaches the loop for buses terminating there. 180 has just arrived from Liverpool Road terminus and, as was common with tour vehicles, 180 was depoled in order to run on battery into Wokingham Road to connect with the overhead leading up to that terminus. 

Many thanks to Dave Hall,
David Bryant and Steve Taylor for caption information.

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